Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hey guys! i know its been days but i haven't had internet! :(
And its impossible to do a blog with no internet!

It should be up and running soon! I HAVE A TON of ideas and posts to put up!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Photo Dump :)


I am so sorry i have not posted anything in awhile!  I have been so busy! I have been packing non stop and preparing for moving to a new city.  I was supposed to move today, but some things happend it looks like i am going to leave tomorrow morning!!!

So today i thought i would get on here since i have some free time.  I think today i will do a photo dump! I'm in the mood!  So here you guys go!

I bought new jeans and they are red!  I got them at wet seal for 15 bucks!  I got some white ones too which i LOVE also.
My red jeans :)  The only pic of me in them is with a lot of fog!
She was most likely distracted by lint on the ground.  She loves fuzz balls.

More red jeans :)  This picture makes me laugh.  My drink is so watered down, but i was pacing myself and not really drinking. :)
( yeaahhh for being responsible )

That's all i have for now.  Once again, i am sorry for not having beauty post up!  Once i am settled in they will start flowing :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Little Cupcake

So my niece who we like to call cupcakes just got her 1 year old pictures!!!
Don't mind if i Photo Dump on you guys.  (My niece is so cuter than yours) JOKES :)
Also check out my SIS IN LAWS blog For Love of Cupcakes.  Its all about this little cupcake below!

What?? It wasn't me! IT WAS YOU!

She is seriously the cutest thing ever huh!!  Sorry for the photo dumping today! I HAD TOOOOOO.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ring in the New Year RIGHT!

Still debating on what LBD (little black dress) you're gonna wear for New Years Eve?
I'm going through the same problem.  Yesterday my friend asked what we were doing and what i was going to wear...  WELL I DONT KNOW.... but I'm gonna start thinking!

Looking for something affordable?  I AM!  I am not one to spend a ton of money on a LBD, even if it is a charm.  I'll help you find some affordable dresses that i personally am taking into consideration for this eve of partying and a midnight kiss.

Looking for...A little Glitz?
Try this dress form WetSeal Cost- $26.50

Try this dress from Forever 21. Cost- $27.80
Add a glitzy belt for more shine!

Looking for...More Casual?
Try this from American Eagle. Cost-$59.50 (for the girls who don't mind hiking up the cash a little)

Try this mesh dress from WetSeal. Cost- $32.50

Not everyone wants to wear a LBD.  Maybe you wanna dress warmer if you live in a cold place.  I do hate that walk from the car to the bar when its only 15' with wind chill! 
Try something like this outfit option...

Jeans WetSeal. Cost-$18.55.  Tank American Eagle. Cost-$39.50.  Heals Debs. Cost-$29.99

These were just some ideas of what you could "possibly" wear when ringing in the new year!  All adorable options!  I hope you enjoyed it.

What do you think you're wearing for your New Years Eve celebration?  I would LOVE to know!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cupcakes Birthday Cake!

Making Cupcakes birthday cake!
(this is not a beauty blog today sorry)

For those of you who don't know who Cupcakes is, that would be my Niece.
This last week I escaped out of my town and went across the country for my nieces birthday!  It was amazing!  I had a lot of fun on vacation!  Please let me know if you would like to see a little more of my daily life blogs mixed in with my beauty blogs!  I find them really fun to do!  

ANYWAYS, lets get started....

This was our final product.  We had lots of fun doing it and making the cake and cupcakes!

     I learned how to separate eggs for the first time.  If you saw me do this you probably would have been laughing as hard as me and Jamie were.  IT WAS A DISASTER...
      Hard to believe, i was thinking about going to culinary school before going into beauty!!!!

    Jamie mixed it all up.  We even timed it perfectly on the microwave timer.  We didn't want to get one thing wrong!  30 seconds on low, 2 mins on medium.



Pouring the mixtures into the pans!
 Jamie doubted my ice cream scooper technique.  It worked amazing...

Step Four 
We put the cake and cupcakes in the oven.
The cake did not want to bake at all.  Bake time called for 28 mins.  We had to leave it in for 40 mins.  It did not want to cook!

Step Five
We frosted the cake and cupcakes.  Jame drew on the cupcake and i wrote the Happy Birthday on it.
We didn't have any frosting bags so we just used a zip-lock and cup a tiny hole in it.  It worked great!

The party turned out great!  Cupcakes was so excited about everything!  She had her first sugar and was non stop squealing with delight!


Make sure to check out Jamie's blog linked above for her cupcakes post!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Beautify your Firefox Browser

Today will be a kind of different Beauty blog.
Instead of beautifying yourself, lets beautify you browser.
(note: this will only work on Firefox browser)
First off i suggest in downloading Firefox!  Its much faster than Safari (macs) and Explorer (windows) in my opinion.  Plus you can make it more beautiful than its original boring self!
First Travel to

Your browser page should look like this!

Now click on Gallery which is the very first link on the top bar!

Alright, now you are brought to a new page.  You may click on any category you like or search one in the search bar.  I clicked on the category "popular".
I found one i liked and clicked wear it to make it my new browser look!!!

I hope you enjoyed this :)  Its different from what i usually do! 
It's a way to make you computer beautiful too!!!!!
This was the final product at the end!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Feather Extentions ("spit it out")

Today Amy J will "Spit it out "...
I think i will spit out my thoughts on Feather extensions.
I know they are pretty "IN" and "HOT" right now, but personally i think they are tacky.
I don't think feather extensions look all that pretty in another persons hair.  YES i know everyone has there oppinons, and today i am "Spiting" mine out!

I blurred out the face to keep identity a secret.

I think the feather extension look should be left for LITTLE girls.  Its fun, for little girls....
Still want the FEATHER LOOK?
Try wearing feather earrings!  Feather earrings in my view look more mature and sexy! Feather earrings can glam up your look just as much (without looking like a 15yr old)

I think i might start doing more "spit it out" blogs!  I don't mean to offend anyone.  Its just a way to "spit out" your thoughts on something.  We all have our opinions :)
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