Thursday, September 29, 2011

Todays Another day.
Cleaning a lot! If you guys could have seen the disaster in my room you would have been amazed! I "cleaned" it up. It will never be fully clean because i have to much stuff to make it look even somewhat organized. but i can now see my floor. Yes i consider that a HUGE accomplishment! I just cleaned my car too. YES another huge accomplishment because you also could no sit in my car. I still need to vacuum it but its so much better than not being able to see a car under that pile of mess on the inside!!!

Today i went to the bank to open a separate checking account from the one i have under my parents. The one under my parents will still be my main use of transactions and deposits. i mainly opened this separate one for rent money so i WILL not touch it at all! I had brought in the tip money i had saved throughout the summer. Total was around $2,900. MAN were they mad i brought t
hat all in $1.oo's. HAHA my bad. But thats your job! They gave me a good lecture about never bringing in that much again without know the EXACT amount. I don't understand why it was such a hassle, because they run it through a machine that count it for them. OH WELL.

CAN'T wait for tomorrow!
I will be going to Bozeman for the football game! GO CATS ! FTG FTG FTG!!!!!!
I cant wait to see my Shelby too. its been a long day.
Ill see you guys next time :)

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