Saturday, December 10, 2011

Beautify your Firefox Browser

Today will be a kind of different Beauty blog.
Instead of beautifying yourself, lets beautify you browser.
(note: this will only work on Firefox browser)
First off i suggest in downloading Firefox!  Its much faster than Safari (macs) and Explorer (windows) in my opinion.  Plus you can make it more beautiful than its original boring self!
First Travel to

Your browser page should look like this!

Now click on Gallery which is the very first link on the top bar!

Alright, now you are brought to a new page.  You may click on any category you like or search one in the search bar.  I clicked on the category "popular".
I found one i liked and clicked wear it to make it my new browser look!!!

I hope you enjoyed this :)  Its different from what i usually do! 
It's a way to make you computer beautiful too!!!!!
This was the final product at the end!!!

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