Thursday, October 20, 2011

Early morning due can bite my ass

Early Morning have always been a struggle for this small city girl.... Including when you know that the reason your getting up is to deiced someone elses fate. Maybe that would make a little more sense if i was to inform you of the fact that i am currently serving Jury Duty. As by law i am not allowed to talk about what this case in-tells, or what burden i have placed on my conscious. Dont worry, its not big one, just a boring one.

Leaves are falling, Colors are changing, and the morning crisp air and frost has fallen upon us. It has for sometime now, but my senses have refused to notice what has been coming and neglected to inform my brain of such a situation until 2 days ago. It was and still is a bitter feeling i have to this situation. Although Fall may be pretty for let me say a week tell the leaves are dead and get in my shoes, pants, socks, and coat, i do not enjoy waking up in the morning and NEEDING to leave for court and finding frost has over taken my windshield.

Usually i would say i'm prepared for this situation. Turning on my car and the defrosters for my windows. This however could not be my case and i had to scrap this unwanted frozen due off! UNFORTUNATELY i could not find my windshield scrapper. I had to resort to a debit card as my solution.. (Trick learned in high school when it would snow 50 feet and our windshields would be frozen.) Thank you Montana weather.

Anyways, im getting sidetracked from the point. Early Morning. I have never been an early morning person... I don't enjoy (and don't think much others do) Interrupting my beautiful dreams to the gosh darn awful sound of an alarm clock. Even though my settings have made it so wonderful country music may grace my ears. I DO NOT enjoy this. Most cases this week (other than last night) i have been going to bed between 8:30 and 10. Waking up refreshed and ready to do my time. Last night appeared to be a different case. I wanted to goto bed at 9, but my fate had a different calling. That calling was BV and coke. For those who don't know what BV stands for, it is Black Velvet. For those who live in a barn and don't know what Black Velvet is, let me tell you its a wonderful thing man calls whiskey. Whiskey never lets me down, and that's why i say Jack Daniels is the only man for me. This morning it very much let me down. Usually when i go out for a couple drinks, or 6, i dont have much else planned the next day other than sleeping. Fortunately i am granted with that alot.

Getting to the point...Today is going to be a rough day in the court room. I may fall asleep, which im SURE the Judge will not appreciate. Maybe if they provided me with popcorn and a soda, i could stay awake. This is not the case. So today a mans fate is in the hands of a hung over 21yr old. YIPPIE.

Thanks for following my daily majestic Blog that noone reads. If you do feel free to keep reading about my uninteresting life.

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