Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Costumes?

Halloween is slowly creeping upon us. I have been debating what i shall be on this spooky evening of fun. My ides have changed many times. Here is a list of this i considered this year that was not doable.

1. Party in my Pants- I had considered this for some time. Its a great costume. Jean shorts, White cut up tank top, Suspenders, and those tiny curly bows u can buy at the store for presents. You put these bows out your pockets, shorts zipper. When someone asked what u were u said a party in y pants :)
I did this idea last year and i wanted to do something different. This costume will happen if i have no other options

2. Life Guard- Read one piece suit, white shorts, red visor, whistle. I thought this would be way cute and not to slutty!!
One piece bathing suit? Oh man going to the bathroom would be hard. I would have to undress my self every time!! Beer and peeing go hand and hand. This in my mind wont work for i don't want to undress EVERY TIME i need to piddle.

3. Captain Morgan Pirate- I was really excited about this on too. Captain Morgan shirt (must have), Eye patch, Sword, Pirate Hat, knee high leather boots, Shot holder belt with tiny captain Morgan shots in it. HOW CUTE!
I CAN NOT find a Captain Morgan shirt anywhere!!! This is the item that makes the costume and i cant find one anywhere in my small city of Billings MT. So frustrating. It would have been perfect. I could have ordered it offline, but by this time i would need it in 2 days. I could do over night shipping but than the shipping would be more than the shirt. NOT WORTH IT!

4. Sexy Jehovah Witness- White button up shirt (tied up), Black Tie, Black Shorts, Black sneakers, Black Backpack, Helmet, Book of Mormon. This one as of right now is doable, i have all these things, minus the book of Mormon and shirt, but those are very easily obtainable.
As of right now i have not figured out any problems with this costume other than the cold weather.


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