Friday, November 18, 2011

November Favorites

As we near the end of November i thought i would share with you a few of my monthly favorite products.
My first product is something i use all the time (cant live without!)

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Tan Glow
Oddly i don't use this for my legs!  haha.  I recently discovered this product when my friend was using it before going out one night.  Body Makeup.  I bought some, but being on the tanner side of things never really used it.
Recently i had a few blemishes on my face and i don't wear foundation to cover it it.  So i used Sally Hansen's Leg Makeup on my face.
I discovered that it applyed in a very evenly manner.  ALSO IT DID NOT MAKE ME BREAK OUT!   My reasoning for never wearing foundation is because i become to dependent on it and break out more. 
I do not put this on my face everyday, but on special occasions where i don't want my powder to sweat off i use this and have an even tone all night!!!!
You can purchase this at most drug stores (walmart/albertsons/cvs/target ect..)
I purchased it at Target for around $8.00.

Friz Ease Hair Serum
I have come to LOVE John Frieda's Friz Ease Hair Serum!!!
DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT IF you don't have naturally frizzy hair!  It would be a waste of money.  In my case i LOVE it.  I have naturally thick, frizzy dry hair which i damage ALL the time.  So this comes in handy in making my hair feel SOFT.
Be stingy with this though or your hair might feel greasy.  A dime size amount if not less will do.
I purchased this at Albertsons for around $5.00.  Most drug stores should hold this.

TruBlend Minerals Loose Powder
TruBlend Minerals Loose Pwder #435 color Golden Sunrise by Cover Girl.
WHEEWWW that was a long one.
I CAN NOT LIVE with out this.  This stays in my purse and goes with me everywhere.
Let me say a LITTLE goes a long way.  I use this on my face and neck.  Sometimes on my chest.  I prefer to use a makeup brush to apply rather than the puff it comes with!
Be careful with this product, you don't want your face to be an odd color.  BLEND WELL.
I love this product though.  I instantly feel prettier when applied on my face.
This product lasts me for about 2 months maybe a little longer (depending on how much you use). 
I purchased this product at Walmart for around $6.00.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my November Favorites!  I did not list many because i know i will use some for my December Favorites.

What are you November Favorites?? Comment Below :)


  1. That is so interesting about the leg makeup lol! You have some great tips!!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  2. Hey Sis! I gave you an award! It's in today's post.

    For Love of Cupcakes


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