Thursday, November 17, 2011

Self Purchased Product Review Thurshday!

I MUST say one of my favorite hair styles to do involves the jumbo triple barrel!

Its a hair style i have always had so many compliments on from not just girls but guys!
I must say guys like the natural look it gives your hair!
I find it easier than straightening my hair out, for you can take BIG sections all at once.

Just a FEW pictures of my hair styled with the jumbo triple barrel.

My Review
I Purchased the tripple barrel at Target for around $25.00.
In my eyes it was WORTH the investment.
The first time i used this i literly felt like i looked like a lion.  I was not to sure how i felt about it.  I already have thick hair and natural volume to it!  I try so hard to make my hair FLAT (weird right?).  So when i  did this hair style, my hair had SO MUCH volume!
That night i had so many girls telling me they wish they HAD my HAIR.
So many people think its my natural curl when its not.
I had random guy walking by me and complimenting it!  I specifically remember one guy walking by and saying "Now that's sexy hair."  What girl doesn't love to hear that!
My personal thoughts, i believe you need longer air to do this hair style.  Clip in hair extensions will do.

 Whats your favorite hair style to do?? I am very interested!
If you have any questions fell free to ask below.  Make sure to leave your twitter so i can answer!!
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  1. your hair does look gorgeous when curled with the triple barrel iron. thanks so much for the review.

    i also wanted to drop by and thank you for checking out my beauty blog. i am officially your newest follower via GFC (YTBlushingBasics)

    don't be a stranger! xo

  2. I love those curls! I've wanted to get one of these irons for a while, but they seem way too big for me. You did a great review though! :)

  3. I see why you love this product so much! You're hair looks super cute and it was pretty cheap. I would love to try this out. Thanks for sharing :) New follower from a hop. Hope you can return the follow love.. I look forward to reading more and finding out about products that are new to me.


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