Monday, December 5, 2011

Breakfest is your bestfriend!


Breakfast is something we all need to stop skipping out on!
I will admit myself, i don't even like to eat breakfast.
We all need to hop on the breakfast wagon and eat!

Trying to lose weight?
Many studies show that eating breakfast helps you lose weight and keep the weight off!
Making breakfast takes time out of your morning routine. Its time consuming when we are already running late! Many of us skip breakfast thinking we are cutting calories, but by the time mid morning or lunch come we re starved and the snacks and bigger meals hit us.  Your setting yourself up for faliur by not eating breakfast by replacing those skiped calories with more calories through out the day nibbling!!!

People who eat breakfast maintain a 30lb weight loss (or higher) up to a year!

What do I eat?
Fruits, veggies, and whole grains!!  They are high fiber foods that will fill your up while bringing less fat to the table.
If you eat food such as a bagel you rack up calories.  Instead eat oatmeal, strawberry's, walnuts, and low fat yogurt!

A banana a day keeps the fat away!

1 comment:

  1. BANANA! I think I gained back all the weight that I lost after having Cupcakes... lame. Clearly, I should eat more bananas. Also, I love walnuts.

    Great post!

    For Love of Cupcakes


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