Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sleep is the second half of the day...

...and the BETTER half!

Beauty Sleep

Did you know that people who are deprived from sleep appear LESS attractive?
GET YOUR SLEEP! (enough said)

Have trouble sleeping?
1. Leave the coffee behind.  Skip out on the caffeine drinks later in the day.  Caffeine stays in your stystem for about 3-12 hours.  Its a big range.

2. Listen to white noise or relaxation cd's.  Ever notice how a rain storm or the sound of a creak makes you fall to sleep?  Its relaxing to your mind! 

3. Avoid the "before bed snack".  It raises your blood sugar and inhibits you to sleep.

4. Avoid using LOUD alarm clocks!  It is stressful on your body when you wake to something as obnoxious as a loud beep.  Try getting an alarm clock that plays radio.  Put it on a lower volume, enough to wake you up though.

5. Hot room?  Try keeping you bedroom temperature no higher than 70'.

6. Skip the booze.  Even though most of us know drinking makes us all tired.  Unfortunately your body doesn't fall into as deep of a sleep which is where your body does most of its repairing after.

Remember her name was "Sleeping Beauty" for a reason!


  1. Stopping by on the Whatever Wednesday blog hop and now following via GFC :)

    I hope you'll stop by and check out my blog at Making Mama Happy!


  2. Beauty sleep? What's that?! LOL! Cupcakes' crying is my alarm clock and it is quite loud - definitely stressful. I definitely agree that a good night's rest = better looking face!

    For Love of Cupcakes


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