Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Little Cupcake

So my niece who we like to call cupcakes just got her 1 year old pictures!!!
Don't mind if i Photo Dump on you guys.  (My niece is so cuter than yours) JOKES :)
Also check out my SIS IN LAWS blog For Love of Cupcakes.  Its all about this little cupcake below!

What?? It wasn't me! IT WAS YOU!

She is seriously the cutest thing ever huh!!  Sorry for the photo dumping today! I HAD TOOOOOO.


  1. She is soo cute! Can I link to my photographer in a comment?

    Monaco Photography (Chicago)

    For Love of Cupcakes

  2. She's so adorable... I like all her outfits!

    I just stumbled across your blog from ForLoveOfCupcakes. I'm glad to meet you here. I'm now following you in GFC and would love a follow back.

    By the way, I'm having a Little Rue Giveaway on my blog.
    I hope you will join. Here is the link on my giveaway,

    Please feel free to visit my blog @

  3. Hey! You should write a post about all the different ways you can put braids in your hair and have it look cool! I would love to put a little braid in my hair like you do but I can't ever get it right!

    For Love of Cupcakes


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