Friday, October 28, 2011

Be an acctive YouTuber!!!

So today i decided i'm going to try to hook my YouTube page up with my blogger page (and so forth).
Although my YouTube channel amyjens has not gotten to YOUTUBE STARDOM, i am slowly trying. If you are wondering what my YouTube channel consist of, let me tell you its mainly just hair tutorials.
I should work a little harder with my channel on getting more videos out consistently! Its so hard when you have a busy scheduled and the place you wanna film is messy! I am going to make time! so TODAY i will be posting a new video on how to wave your hair. Its going to combine with my Halloween costume! Im going to be the Captain Morgan Pirate!
I could not find a shirt to buy so i decided to pain my own shirt.

What do you guys think?
Not to bad for having to paint it on a shirt which may i tell you is very hard!!!!

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