Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hello Fellow Bloggers!
Sorry for such a boring blog! I hope to get it runniing with Beauty Guru stuff when i start school. Which is not for a few months.
I thought this email i sent to my gramps was interesting! So i thought i would share with you!
Sorry for the Type-os in the Email :(

Hey There!
Long time ZERO TALK, so i thought an email was in order.
Currently sitting at work. Its been pretty slow at the golf course since the fall season has hit and we have gotten a few snow flurries. So in that case i have a lot of free time on my hands, so in this free time while browsing the internet i deiced an email was in order!
How has Culbertson been treating you. Cold? Sure has been cold out here in Bilings. (Well to me it has, but I'm a wimp when it comes to cold weather.)...
So guess what im going to be doing here in less than a month, thought ou would enjoy to hear this. I am moving to Bozeman! Why? i decied i am going to attend cosmetology school. I wanna specialize in it all, hair, nails, skin, waxing, ect.... Than maybe someday i will own my OWN salon.
I have always talked with my mom about someday wanting to own my own business of some sort. So for awhile i was thinking of going to beauty school just for nails. Daddy di not like this idea. (i could tell by the way he was asking questions about how my future would turn out if i was to pursue this path). He always said, why dont you want to do hair, i always said because people are so picky with there hair, i don't want the kind of criticism! (what a stupid thought on my part). So than that when the whole culinary thing came about!
I feel like the whole cooking scene came with or family traits. Grandma is an amazing cook. Uncle Brian is a chef. Daddy cooks well too. I loved to decorate things, and i like to bake! So i thought decorating cakes would be a great thing to get into. Once again daddy did not seem to fond of the idea of just being a baker. He wanted best for me and for me to DO IT ALL. So i started looking into school for just baking and WOW were they expensive. So i took daddys idea and look into doing it all. Cheaper, but did i really want to do it all.
As i further in age, i feel like i NEED to do something with my life. All my friend will be graduating this year from college or the next, and here i am doing nothing! Scary, i dont want to be dependent all my life. I want to be INDEPENDENT!
Finlay, i really thought about it, and my mind kept racing back to beauty school. JUST LIKE YOU MENTIONED I SHOULD DO!

So i will be moving to Bozeman in December where i wil attend school for 14 months. I have yet to apply, but i want to apply for the April session!
FINALLY i feel like im gonna be doing something. Someday i hope to own a salon.
Just wanted to say THANK YOU for eally making me relize what i should do! If you don't recall what im talking about here is what you said in one of your emails...

""Dad's have many thoughts for their kids..I never did help my boys with decisons and I should have done it but I only had High School myself...However I made my mind up to barber as I figured that would be interesting and it was for 10 yrs. and then quit and went with insurance which I am still licensed to sell but will never sell anymore....However I had an Uncle that was a Beautician and he had clients in L.A> area that were well known movie starts..No kidding.....But it is for each individual...I as your old granddad do know that you could and no doubt would make a good living with beauty work....A beautician in many cases do both nails and hair.....Worth the checking into after the Spain trip...Talk it over again with your dad.....However don't mention that the nosieieieiei grandpa suggest it.....Grandpa Herman""

Love you very much.

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  1. What a sweet email! I think doing hair and nails would be great for you! Don't worry about people being picky; I'm sure you can make them happy and even if you can't make everyone happy, don't worry about that either. No one can make everyone happy. But you should try to do what you love!

    Are you going to move back to Billings after Cosmotology school?



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