Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Eyelash Extentions

One thing i really WANT to specialize in someday is eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are a very relaxing and painless procedure to get.

Unfortunetly i was not blessed with BEAUTIFUL eyelashes as some girls are.  I was born with light blonde hair as a little girl, therfore my eyelashes have always been BLONDE!
I am always tired of having to put on mascara so i don't look like a cancer patient.  Its such a hassle when i wanna be lazy!

About a year ago my friend had told me about a procedure she was going to get done by her stylist called eyelash extensions.  I was very interested and looked into it myself.  WOW!  They were beautiful and natural looking.  When i heard of the price i was so discouraged.  Most appointments will cost around $175 (if not more) to get done.
Let me ask, who in the world (other than Kim Kardashin) has the money to spare $200 to get this done!  Not this broke "college student".
I started to do some research and looked at my options.  LUCKILY my nail lady did the for only $75!  I called my nail lady up and asked her some questions.  Is it worth it? How long do the stay on?  Do they come off?  Does it hurt?

THE ANSWERS-(in my experience)
Yes its totally worth it!  The are natural looking and beautiful!
Does it hurt?  NOT AT ALL!  I almost fell asleep during my appointment.  They tape up your brow line and put a soothing gel under your eyes for relaxation (im sorry i was not more descriptive)
They take each individual fake eyelash and glue them to each real individual eyelash.  Each one will flow in the way of your natural lashes.  I started falling asleep because this takes about 1hr 45mins to complete.
For how long they stay on varies!  From what i was told from about two weeks to two months (depending how rough you are on your eyes), i only kept mine on for 1 month before i took them off.  
Why? because the lady i got them from was new at this and it was not as high quality as they could have been.  The procedure for removal did not hurt at all either.  I WORE MY CONTACTS DURING BOTH!  She basically applies a gel to each lash and it slowly deteriorates the adhesive and they fall off!

I have been looking into getting them again and paying full price.  Its nice not having to wear mascara!!  It enhances your eyes so much.  I got so many compliments when i had them.  
many people told me i looked different but in a good way.  I LOVED IT!

If you are looking into make sure you go to someone who in experienced.  they will know how cose to glue to your eyelid from you lashes.  That was my problem, some of my lashes were to close and on occasion it would feel like a pinch would occur on my eye lid!!!

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  1. Wow how interesting! I've never heard of this! I like the price you found at your nail lady's. $175 seems like A LOT for eyelashes!

    You know who has beautiful eyelashes? Your niece. :o)

    Thanks so much for adding my button - all of your follow buttons look great too. :o)

    For Love of Cupcakes


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