Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Its a Pet Peeves Wednesday

Everyone has there pet peeves.  We would not be human if we didnt have a few things that bother us. 
What i am about to list is just a few of my pet peeves i thought some people would enjoy to read!
Maybe you have some pet peeves you would like to get off your chest?

1. Hair curled towards your face.
I LOVE curled hair.  When i'm walking down the street, out at a bar, or shopping and i see a girl who cant curl her hair i want to go fix it!  At least in my book, when using a curling iron you should always curl away from your fac on BOTH sides. 
For example, Mileys hair is the right way.
This to me is how you should curl your hair.  AWAY from your face.  Miley has BEAUTIFUL hair.  I cringe at poorly curled hair.

2. Raccoon Eyes
Have you ever seen that girl who has way to much black eye liner on? Or to much dark eye shadow?
I want to take a make up cloth to her face and re do it!
All i can say is PLEASE ladies, go easy on the shadow/eyeliner. It is supposed to accent you beautiful eyes, not engulf them!
Your eyes have such natural beauty.  To hide them!  Men don't love racoons, they love a womens natural beauty.

3. Supper thin eyebrows
Ladies, Ladies, Ladies. 
I feel so bad for your eyebrows!  Please try not to get to crazy with your plucking.
No one likes bushes over your eyes, but no one like NOTHING either.  My suggestion is go to a trusted beautician who offers eye brow waxes.
The will shape your eye brows the way the should be shaped.  YOU WONT REGRET IT!

4.  Heavy Lip Liner

Your Lip Liner should not look like you took a marker to your lips!
Please use lip liner the way it should be. (below)

Now thats beautiful.

Care to share you any of you beauty pet peeves.  I would love to hear!! :)

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